Masturbation for Women – Why it’s Healthy

female orgasm

When was the last time you masturbated? If it has been a while since you last brought yourself to orgasm, especially if it has been a while since you have had an orgasm, manually or not, then read on because here are seven great reasons why the solo fiddle is so good for you!

It’s Good for You

Masturbation is good for you, in moderation.

While excessive masturbation can be problematic, no one should deprive themselves of orgasm. Orgasms are healthy and if sex isn’t an option, masturbation is a wonderful substitute.

But why am I here promoting masturbation? Because there is a culture of… if not guilt, then definitely secrecy about women’s masturbation. But it shouldn’t be a secret because it’s good for you! Here’s why:

  1. Along with sex, masturbating relieves stress.
  2. Masturbation is about as safe as sex can get.
  3. Masturbating lets you learn about your body and how it responds to sexual stimulation making you a better and more confident lover.
  4. During menstruation, orgasms can help relieve cramping pains.
  5. With orgasm, can be beneficially for your health as it increases your breathing and heart rate – in other words, it’s a mini work-out!
  6. As with all exercise, masturbating can boost your immune system (as long as it isn’t depriving you of sleep).
  7. In fact, a lot of people sleep better after an orgasm.

So there you go. Seven great reasons to masturbate. And I didn’t even mention that it feels good!

How to Masturbate

So, again, you probably already know how to masturbate but here’s a quick rundown anyway, for the sake of being thorough.

Warming up

The first thing you need to do is find the time and a place where you have complete privacy. If hot water bills aren’t a concern then the shower or bath can be great but normally just stick with your bedroom. Then you may want to pick someone to imagine kissing or having sex with or whatever turns you on. Once you get fantasizing, go with it. Play the parts over you really enjoy.

Next, or maybe before the fantasizing (and kind of optional), get naked. Then touch your body and smile. Smiling will help you feel good and you should feel good. Despite a lot of negativity in our culture about masturbating, there is nothing to feel bad about the physical act of self-pleasure.

With your fingers

Touch anywhere that feels good and basically if there is skin, it should feel good to be touched there. Or focus on your erogenous zones – some common ones are: lips, neck, breasts, nipples, belly, thighs, vulva, clitoris, vagina. Let your hands and pleasure guide you. One of the benefits of masturbation as mentioned above and one of the key reasons everyone should indulge is that you are learning about your body and about what pleases your body in a physical sense. So find out!

Bringing yourself to orgasm with your fingers is generally done by rubbing your clit. Personally, I don’t touch my clit directly as it is too sensitive but we are all different and you may like that. I rub my clit by rubbing my clit hood – the skin covering my clit. All I do is put two fingers on my clit and run left to right, round and around or something like that. Simple but effective.

You may also like to try bringing yourself to a g-spot orgasm. This is done by inserting your fingers inside your pussy and rubbing your clit from the inside. Obviously you can’t rub your clit from the inside but reach your fingers in far enough and you will, under your clit, feel a rough patch. Rub it. I prefer to let my partner do this because it isn’t such an easy position for my wrist.

With a toy

If you have a dildo, you probably know how to use it. If not, you should think about getting one. They are great. Getting the pleasure of proper penetration (not just a couple of fingers) while playing solo makes it all that much better.

Also in need of mention are vibrators. Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, vibes offer the easy O. Put it on your clit, take it off, put it back, move it around a bit and that’s about all the effort it takes. Vibes also come in various levels of power and one does not suit all. If your vibe doesn’t make you come, it may be too strong or too weak for you.

One downside of toys, especially vibes, is that it can take away some of the “learning about your body” and it’s reactions and also vibes in excessive use can be desensitizing.

With something from around the house

Some of us can be tempted to use vegetables to masturbate. Just remember, these were grown outside or in the ground and were sprayed with pesticides. They are probably covered in bacteria in a way your dildo wouldn’t be. If you go this route, put a condom on it.

Other things, similarly phallic shaped, can be found around the house but if you aren’t sure they are clean, please cover them with a condom.

Also, showers can prove opportune. If the hot water bill isn’t a concern, try aiming the shower at your clit. It doesn’t work for me but it may work for you. I’ve also heard, electric toothbrushes…

Final masturbation tips for women

Try different positions, or to put it another way, don’t think you have to lie on your back to masturbate. A lot of women learn to masturbate at a young age by simply rubbing themselves against things rather than using their hands. I certainly did. Also, you may find it arousing to get into the doggy style position while masturbating. Whether acting out the fantasy playing in your head or just because the position changes the blood flow, try something new.

Relating to the above, don’t think you have to lie still while masturbating. Feel free to wriggle around, thrust your hips, flex your legs, arch your back – whatever feels good. The whole idea, other than the immediate benefit of getting off, is to learn what feels good so you can eventually teach your partner.

Smiling before and afterwards to give your brain some extra happy juice. Have fun, let any guilt or shame go and feel good about what you are doing because it’s good for you.

This article was written by Alle Parson from

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