5 Characteristics Women are Unconciously Attracted To


Sexual attraction is what seduction is all about. You’ve got to bypass her conscious, ration brain and work on a deeper level if you really want your seduction strategies to work. Here are some tips to attract women using 5 sexual triggers that work behind the scenes to get you the girl. I hope you learn from it and make you successful in attracting women.

  1. Social Dominance. Clinical studies have shown that social dominance is a huge factor in sexual attraction. Speak in a loud, clear voice. When you talk, people listen. Guide the conversation and keep the focus of everyone on you. Self-confidence and self-assurance are also things that help to show social dominance.
  2. Sexual Stereotype. Think about the kind of guy that most women would be sexually attracted to. Take this as your model and become that person. It’s not just about what you wear, but the way you talk and act. Target the exact kind of girl you’re after because each type has its own sexual stereotype.
  3. Social Proof. This is a sales term, but in the world if seduction it basically means that lots of people think that you’re cool. Social proof is pre-selection; she’s already been told that you’re cool by a bunch of other people.
  4. Sexual Confidence. This means getting rid of all of your sexual anxiety so that you’re comfortable and confident when things go to that sexual level. If you can talk about sex in a way that’s not horny or needy, it helps her to talk about sex in a normal way. Now, sex is just a topic of conversation. It just takes a few steps to turn it into something more.
  5. Arousal. Arousal happens at the purely unconscious level. It’s all in the body and not the conscious mind. There are lots of things that you can do both verbally and non-verbally to create arousal. They include dirty talk, eye contact, touching and lots of other things. Use physical communication to get her emotionally and sexually ready for what will come later.

If you use these 5 triggers along with all the seduction techniques you’ve learned, you’ll get the girl every time. Remember that you’ve got to work on her body and her subconscious, and then her rational, thinking mind will follow. Use these tips to attract women and work them in to your overall seduction game plan. These are the sure-fire techniques that the pick-up pros use.

This article was written by Jon Sinn from SeductionRoadmap.com

2 thoughts on “5 Characteristics Women are Unconciously Attracted To

  1. This was interesting… although I’m kinda scratching my head about items 2 and 3. Number 2 sounds like an exercise in deception – you’re not being who you are and last I heard, women don’t like being deceived so much. Then number 3 – it’s one thing for people to think you’re cool… but are you really cool?

    Yep, I do know that in order to seduce a woman, you gotta do some stuff to bypass her rational thinking… but is it to better to dazzle them with brilliance or is it better to baffle them with bullshit? I’ve attracted a lot of women and have seduced them… just by being myself and letting them determine for themselves if I’m as cool as others might have said.

    Just a couple of thoughts but, overall, a good writing…

    • Kdaddy23, thanks for stopping by.

      I like what you’re saying. Be yourself.

      In terms of what the author is writing about – the traits women might unconciously be attracted to – there is going to be a sexual stereotype but I am totally on board with your point. Be yourself! Leave the bullshit at home.

      The 3rd point. Well, the point is if a lot of people treat you as cool, other people will definitely have a predefined image of you, regardless of whether you project or portray that image.

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