Enjoy It – How to Give Great Head


Going to the movies is fun. Whether you go alone or go with someone, it’s still the same movie, right? But there is no denying it’s much more fun to go to the movies with a friend. Or lover. Now let me talk about fellatio.

What I always say is that all you need to know to give great head is that you need to enjoy it. Here is another reason why this is true, if you will just follow my metaphor with going to the movies.

Of course, going to the movies with someone you love and desire is always going to be much more fun than going alone. Why? Because as social media has proven, we love to share. And it is so much easier to enjoy the movie when the person you have taken is enjoying it too!

Imagine taking your lover to a movie of your choosing. You hope they enjoy this movie and you know you are going to enjoy it too. And once it starts, it’s as great as you thought. But then you realize your lover isn’t enjoying the movie. Oh no! Now imagine it’s not a movie but a blowjob. He is enjoying the blowjob but once he realizes you aren’t enjoying it, his ability to enjoy the pleasure is shadowed by his concern for your state of un-enjoyment.

Now, back to the movies. Imagine your lover, who you already know isn’t enjoying the movie, starts complaining to you about how terrible the movie is, how long it is, when is it going to be over. And I think you get the idea there.

It’s so important to be able to show him you enjoy giving him head simply because when you can both enjoy something together, it enhances the ability to enjoy it. Meaning he is going to love it that you love doing it.

It doesn’t mean you have to do it when you don’t want to. In fact I advise against it because when you know someone as well as you know a loving partner, you know when they are faking their enjoyment of something. Just do it when you want to and then, most importantly, show him that you want to. Show him that you are enjoying it. If you can, you will be giving him that sought after amazing blowjob.

This article was written by Alle Parson from BlowjobHow.com

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