Make Her Like You


They say that men have only one thing on their minds – and in your case it’s absolutely true.

Whether you can’t stop thinking about that wonderful woman at work or your eyes keep being drawn to the gorgeous girl across the room, your crush has become all-consuming. She is all that you can think about. And now you want to know: are you all that she can think about, too?

Luckily, girls are easier to read than many men believe.

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Anal Sex – Tips for Beginners


So you want to try anal sex. A taboo that in recent times has become less so. An act that has always been there and yet something we don’t engage in on a regular basis so it still maintains that element of naughty.

And given that it is still  naughty and secret, there are a few things beginners should be aware of before trying it blind and having an experience that halts further investigation into what can be a highly pleasurable act for fun loving couples.

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